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Six Ways to Make Sure Your Strategy Kicks Butt

Remarkable strategies enable businesses to surpass their competitors. They have six characteristics that make them able to kick a little competitor butt.

  1. Answer the question, “Different or Better”? Remarkable strategies move the business toward being different and better.
  2. Drive toward command of a niche or scale. For a strategy to create consistently higher profit, it must either drive toward command of a market niche, or to ever improving operational efficiency through scale. You can’t do both.
  3. Stretch the organization to challenge the status quo. Remarkable strategies challenge the way things are done today. <!–more–>
  4. Anticipate and engage the organization in the future. A strong strategy anticipates its own obsolescence. Anticipation is the new agility.
  5. Can be expressed in 2-3 short sentences so it’s understood by everyone. Remarkable strategies capture and hold the imagination of everyone touched by it – owners, customers, employees and communities – in a simple way.
  6. Link directly to execution through a disciplined plan of action. Remarkable strategies are remarkably actionable. They have clear priorities, clear ownership of those priorities from the top to the bottom of the organization, define success as a result, not an activity, and drive accomplishment of goals by quarters, not years.

Watch the 30 second and 45 second video below. #1 — Original Apple MacBook commercial. #2 a parody which points out the “differences” between the MacBook Air and more traditional laptops.

MacBook Air Commercial (00:30)

 Macbook Air Commerical 1

MacBook Air Parody (00:48)

MacBook Air Parody

Simplifying Complexity is Powerful