What Clients Say

Craig has provided consulting services that are above and beyond the expectations we set.  He is an invaluable resource who continues to work diligently to ensure that our business strategy, growth goals and company culture align to realize  the results we’ve set for the future.

Craig has an incredible ability, as well as keen insight, to work well with diverse personalities in a calm, professional manner.  His demeanor is relational, friendly and nurturing while holding us to strong accountability.  These characteristics have been instrumental in the successful execution of many initiatives in our company.

Additionally, Craig is wise in big and small business ventures and comes with an impressive resume of experience that is second to none that we’ve witnessed.  He is a continuous learner and seeker of knowledge, ensuring his work is relevant and current.  Craig is a true professional who is a top-notch consultant.  He is an asset to our business as well as to all others he serves.  We are grateful to have him as part of our planning and growth strategies.

Sandy Hansen-Wolf – CEO, Agricultural Products Distributor

It was a pleasure to work with Craig who assisted our leadership team in clarifying what value we provide to the market, identifying our current and future capabilities, and understanding our strengths and weaknesses as we revised our strategic plan.

Craig is a professional who was responsive and took the time to understand our industry, history and competitive challenges.  Not only did Craig provide the perfect tools and resources, he asked the difficult questions that led to a board-approved long-term strategic plan that is successfully shaping our daily operational plans.  I would strongly recommend working with Craig if you are working on your strategic plan.

Tabatha Erck – CEO, Health Care

Regarding our marketing workshop:

Craig is insightful, clear in message, and very masterful in addressing marketing topics.  His message was concise but vast.

Great material.  Impressive presentation.  In a short time it got me thinking differently about how I market and tell my story.

Craig is an experienced, knowledgeable presenter.  He had obviously taken the time to prepare and customize his workshop material to the needs of our group.  He also presents the material in a very relatable manner.

Members, Business Mastermind Group

I have had the privilege of working closely with Craig in a consultant/senior management relationship.  Craig effectively guided our leadership team through the process of redefining our strategy.  This process was critical in determining the path our company would pursue to significantly improve our top and bottom lines.

What impressed me early in our discussions was how quickly and deeply he understood our business, the market we served, our competition, and where the leverage points were for us to improve.  He smartly used this knowledge to engage us in conversations in a way many consultants could not – from an informed perspective.

Craig challenges and listens well, demands accountability, provides thorough documentation and has a very strong work ethic.  He is a pleasure to work with, encourages teamwork and will make your team and company better.  I highly recommend him as a business consultant to any company looking to grow and improve.

Tim Beres – President


We found Craig very helpful in our planning process.  He got to know the management team, the company, and our issues early on, tailored the discussions and made them very relevant for us.  There is nothing “cookie-cutter” about his approach.  He “gets it” and more importantly, can help your management team “get it”.

Arete Passas, President

Craig Britton’s direction took our company’s message and processes from good to great. He’s a master at understanding complex systems and subjects, recognizing where they can be improved and delivering actionable recommendations. Craig found ways to enhance our business that we never expected. We would recommend Craig to any company that wants to improve its fortunes.

Devon Treadwell, Principal Partner

I have relied upon Craig’s business advice and expertise for many years, and trust him as a colleague. His organized style is distinguished by his analytical abilities, marketing know-how and planning knowledge, and enhanced by his rare listening skills. Recently, I engaged all those skills in a brain-storming session, as I considered the reworking of my company’s identity. I found Craig’s recommendations to be insightful, well directed, and extremely helpful.

Phillip Lund, President and Owner

I worked with Craig on a coaching plan to help me successfully make the transition from being a member of the Senior Management team to leading the group, as newly appointed President and CEO. I found Craig’s advice and coaching to be based on real-world experience, straight forward, practical and very useful. He helped me prioritize key issues as we sorted through and updated our business strategies, and gave me effective methods to help meet deadlines, encourage accountability and drive for results. I would recommend Craig as a Sr. Management Coach to any individual or organization.

Mike Klein, President & CEO

I’ve known Craig for 30 years, having worked with him in corporate leadership roles as well as in consulting environments.  I have the highest level of respect for Craig, his accomplishments and his abilities. He is an absolute expert at “getting to the heart of the matter” — helping business leaders hone in on the key one or two strategies that will differentiate them from their competition and drive growth.  Critically, Craig gets all the team members on the same page and accountable for results.  He does not focus on process, but rather simple, actionable and fact-based ways to product hard results.

Gary Scott, VP – Marketing & Sales

Craig brings sound judgment and advice to his clients because he is both a short- and long-term strategic thinker.  He can quickly see and explain what must be done now to create future success.  Craig has tremendous insight into both the business and human aspects of a company, ensuring that both capital and culture are driving results.  His respect for his clients is just one demonstration of his generous nature.

Marlys Tamte, President

Craig is a master at consistently delivering game changing results.  His sharp mind and calm steady style enable him to find just the right solution, marshal the entire organization behind it, and then execute it very, very well. 

Tom Jonas, President

I asked Craig Britton, founding partner of SwitchTrack, to guide us in our strategy development.  Craig lived up to his reputation for developing effective growth strategies in the most competitive markets.  He’s developed a way for us to anticipate customer needs and competitor thinking, build a strategy we all support, and turn that into effective action and profitable growth.  He is also an excellent facilitator, ensuring all points of view are heard and incorporated into the decisions we made, and also made sure we didn’t waste our valuable time in the process. 

Lavina Lau, CEO