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Great Leaders Series Overview

Why Have Businesses Stopped Doing This?

We believe for a business to flourish, the complexity of leadership, strategy and execution must be simplified. The ability to simplify complexity is an extraordinarily powerful competitive advantage.

So we wrote a book, and we’re providing it to you (free) — offering many of the simplifying practices we’ve found that work — through research and leading over 30 businesses to several billion dollars in new, profitable growth. It will show up in your email one or two times a week, in easily consumed parcels. 


#1 Can You Say, “My business is flourishing”?

#2 Can You Imagine Success Without These?

#3 Why Have Businesses Stopped doing this?

#4 Why Chasing Productivity Can Be A Trap

#5 Some BS: The World Is Moving Too Fast

#6 I'll Bet This is Missing in Your Business Strategy --- Why

#7 What's a Strategy and How Do I Get One?