The competitive advantage problem

Many businesses started with a clear competitive advantage, but as the industry evolves, find more and more competitors crowding in.

Printing, paper products manufacturers, store fixtures, packaging machines, etc. – the list goes on and on.

Alternatively, the business has achieved scale in a category, but their traditional definition of the category excludes emerging competitors, which makes the old business model and scale irrelevant.  Think Borders vs Amazon, Blockbuster vs Netflix.

Differentiation . . . the absolute essential key to switching tracks.

The solution to all of this?    You have to be different and you have to be the best at delivering what the customer wants but probably hasn’t figured out how to express.  (No one said, “I want an iPad.”)  Frequently this is outside “industry wisdom.”

The question most businesses struggle with is, “How?”


Creating Differentiation



The core
The competency driving your difference
Delivering customers’ definition of value
There are only three core business strategies. Each business must choose one.

We have a simple way of clarifying what your current strategy is, what competitors’ strategies are, and which strategy will help be successful in the future.

There are only nine strategic competencies. You must choose one.

You will need to be good at two to three others, but one will be your strategic driver. Our planning will help you clarify these.

Customers view each of your solutions as basic or a value driver.

Basics are the solutions everyone in your industry must provide. If you can’t, you won’t be considered. Value drivers are the things that drive choice. We’ll show you how to find these.

What makes a remarkable strategy?


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