Strong Leadership + Strategy That Works + Execution That Gets Results*


This is what works, built on what has been proven over and over again to be essential to business success.  No more, no less.

Ensuring these work dramatically changes the working lives of business leaders for the better

  • Customers  get and like what you offer
  • Reducing hard-to-see friction points in the business that everyday suck up huge amounts of time and energy
  • Providing facts that reduce the need for “slow decision by argument” and “trial-and-error” fixes
  • A much greater ability to take the business in the direction it needs to go, with everyone on the same page, and with a lot less effort


Line-of-Sight Business Assessment*


Measurement driven businesses are more successful. (learn more)

In the past, the problem has been the complexity and cost of measurement of these 15 success factors – requiring up to 7 different systems/projects.

We can quickly and easily measure performance on each of these 15 key success factors and with remarkable precision, show you what – and in what order – to improve.  We provide insights from every important perspective in your business – management, employees and customers – in one comprehensive, easy-to-understand, actionable report.

Precise diagnostics are provided for each factor, linked to a specific action you can take.  The order of priority is clearly indicated.








View the research bibliography for the Line of Sight Business Assessment